Virtual Tours and Google Street View Integration

Virtual Tours and Google Street View Integration

Veracious can create amazing 360° images for your business. These 360° images allow you to showcase your business in a way that is unmatched for customer engagement.  

Veracious’s Google Trusted certification Using 360° technology, we can integrate your business directly into Google street view.

This technology allows a potential customer using street view to step off of the street and directly into your store!  Many companies use physical showrooms and virtual tours are ideal for this. Now, regardless of physical location, a potential customer can look at everything in your showroom.

Once integrated into Google Street View, you can add the step inside badge to your website to let visitors know that they can see your business as if they were there in person!

This is a game changer in terms of marketing your business.  The potential customer sees exactly what your business offers using purely visual data.  A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.

In the real estate business, these 360° tours allow the potential customer to experience the interior of the home or facility as if they were actually there.  The marketing value of this is off the charts.

All of the major social networking platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo support 360° stills and video.

Best of all, 360° technology is a great lower cost alternative when a full video marketing campaign is not an option.

We’d love to talk to you about integrating 360° video and stills into your marketing plan!  Give us a call or email us for a quote.